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Solutions for telemedicine present a "cream on the cake" of streamlined healthcare IT. Vams Tec is a specialist in providing customized telemedicine solutions for any kind of workflow, whether it includes imaging or only reports. VamsTec specialists can inspect your workflow and will work out a solution for your specific needs and which is adapted to your IT infrastructure.

To facilitate simple, yet secure, remote access to medical data, Vams Tec has invested a great amount of care to develop streamlined solutions for telemedicine applications. Starting with the Croatian national teleradiology network in 1998, which connected 35 CT units with national referent center for neurosurgery and which worked over telephone lines, Vams Tec has long and successful tradition in adapting telemedicine solutions for various scenarios. These scenarios can include situations such as:

Vams Tec telemedicine solutions can adapt to any workflow between remote imaging centers, and are specially adapted to situations where two or more locations of one same institution have to be connected to work in unison. VamsTec solutions are specially optimized for situations where bandwidth is limited, starting with aDSL lines onwards.

Since every telemedicine scenario is specific, VamsTec policy is to carefully inspect customer’s workflow and then propose a viable solution which will respond to customer’s demands in an optimum way.

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