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Whether you are a gastroenterologist, otorinolaringologist, pulmologist or of any other specialty and you use an endoscope in your daily work, sooner or later you will encounter a need for proper documentation of your work.

However, you need to handle your reporting and  documentation quickly and easily, so you need a system which will adapt to you and your department.
Finally, here is a system which will save you from endless and needless clicks and focus only on data you actually need. In the environment of the endoscopy department, Issa system is focused to let you work quickly and easily, with minimum time spent on the computer. Issa system for endoscopy has succesfully been integrated in departments such as:

Special consideration has been taken to meet the needs of complex procedures which include images from different modalities, such as ERCP.

Explore how Issa can streamline your daily workflow:


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