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Between various imaging departments within one large hospital, there is always a common need for image acquisition and archiving, as well as for organizing and streamlining the workflow. Furthermore, there is a need to keep medical data in a structured form. All these departments would benefit from utilizing Issa system in their work, but in most systems, they would require separate database and server infrastructure for each department.

Not in Issa Enterprise PACS, system which is optimized for work in multiple-department environment. In that way, hospital needs only one server for all its imaging needs, which greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs. Imaging departments, such as radiology, gastroenterology, pathology, as well as various ultrasound units now store images on one location and use one simple interface for scheduling, image review and reporting. Referring physicians use single interface for access to images and results, while there is only one HL7 interface to hospital information system. To prevent confusion, departments can be set up to be invisible to each other, so one department can access only patients which have had their procedures performed.

With one single set of server applications, existing PACS/RIS/*IS installation can easily be extended to include more departments as your imaging needs grow. Therefore, as soon as new endoscope or ultrasound is installed anywhere in the hospital, you can immediately include it to the existing server and enable easy access to all the images.

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